Meet David


It’s always good to know a little about the person you will be working with for your kitchen or bath design project. Not only should you look for someone with an artistic eye but also someone experienced in all phases of related design and construction details. Honesty and integrity should also be high on your list, as you will be entrusting them with your design project and working with them for some time. Background and years of work experience are also very important; it’s what they “bring to the table” for your project. I endeavor to encapsulate these qualities and more with each and every client.

My love for cooking started at the young age of 12. Our family moved to Santa Cruz in the late 1950s. Both of my parents worked in San Jose and usually didn’t get home ’til late. My stepfather, being an “old school navy” man, announced one evening that since my brother and I were at the “ripe old age” of 14 and 12, respectively, we were to start learning to cook for our family. They wanted us to have dinner ready when they got home from work.

Both of us were quick learners, and after graduating from high school we both went into the restaurant business. I started out washing dishes in a local French restaurant, and over a long period of time worked my way up to first cook. My brother started working in a Italian restaurant. This is where I learned cooking as a art form, not as simple drudgery, while discovering the many nuances of fine cuisine.

My brother started a very high-end cabinet and mill shop and found his niche in life. To this day he still does some of the finest architectural woodworking around. I worked for him for quite some time and learned finish carpentry and architectural woodworking from him. I was talented in the work I did but missed working closer with people. A couple of years later I was asked by a building contractor to open a kitchen and bath design showroom and started selling cabinetry. I took this kitchen and bath design endeavor seriously, now finding my niche in life, and I have always sought to be the best I could be. I have added interior design training throughout the years to enhance my professional background. I continue to learn — even now — from my clients, building contractors, and other design professionals. One should never stop learning for the sake of helping one’s clients.

I have designed five beautiful showrooms over the years; I have had my work featured in many magazines including Sunset and Black & Decker’s Kitchen Books. Where most people in this line of work stay somewhat local, I have done projects in San Francisco, Sausilito, Lake Tahoe, Indian Wells, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, as well as all of Monterey Bay and Big Sur. People have sought me out from all these locations and most all of my work now is referral (the best kind). I look forward to meeting new clients and going beyond their expectations and making new friends.

Sincerely, David Skomsvold