Are you…

  • remodeling your kitchen or bathroom?
  • confused by all the possibilities?
  • building a new home?
  • overwhelmed by the importance and magnitude of the decisions that you will need to make?

I have good news! My business is geared to help you through this “mine field” of decisions that you will need to make — both the functional and visual. There is no more important aspect to your kitchen remodel than the layout and design. Anyone in the kitchen and bath business should be able to design a kitchen better than the one you have now, but with the cost and importance of your kitchen in mind, is “better” really good enough? Over the years I’ve come to believe, “just better” is nevergood enough.

I strive to help you truly understand and realize the long-term benefits of designing a beautiful working kitchen. This process takes time, and I will never take shortcuts through the process simply to “make the quick sale,” as a well designed kitchen takes considerable thought. With your input, we will create a timeless kitchen that will be enjoyable and regret-free for the next 10 to 20 years. I will always strive for the optimum kitchen layout on your behalf, whenever possible. There is no substitute for experience, talent, and know-how in reaching this goal.

I bring over 30 years of Kitchen and Bath expertise to your project, with over 2000 kitchens under my belt. My goal is not to take you from what you have to what you want, but to take you from what you want to what you don’t know you want. (…and giving you nothing you don’t want.)

The design possibilities are endless, and every design idea is a good idea somewhere. Exceptional design is doing the right thing in the right spot, while keeping the context of your entire living space and lifestyle preferences in mind. When I was younger I cooked professionally in a French Restaurant; I have decades of interior design and architectural woodworking background experience as well. I eat, sleep, and drink kitchens, so you don’t have to. Ask me how I can help you.